3 Steps to a Thanksgiving Car Check

Many people hit the road each year for the Thanksgiving holiday in order to spend time with faraway family and friends. However, getting stranded on the road could lead to danger in cold temperatures. You can avoid car trouble this holiday weekend with a Thanksgiving car check!

Thanksgiving car check

Check Your Tire Pressure

A flat tire can make your arrival time significantly later than it would be with good tires. Especially if you’re driving through any ice or snow, it’s best to check your pressure and tread beforehand. Also, take the time to assess your spare tire and get any necessary repairs done beforehand. It will save you the hassle of having to change a tire on the way to your destination.

Check Your Antifreeze Level

Although the temperatures this weekend will barely dip below freezing in Schaumburg, IL, a freezing engine is still a concern for anyone traveling somewhere colder. Check your antifreeze, top it off if it’s low and keep an eye on your engine temperature to avoid a breakdown (and having to pay for repairs).

Get an Inspection

Have a pro inspect your car before you leave, making sure you have enough fluid and perhaps even rotate your tires if it’s been awhile. When you get an inspection before you leave for a long road trip, you may end up saving money by skipping repairs later. Plus, you can drive with the peace of mind that your vehicle is in its best condition. We provide superior auto inspections in Schaumburg, IL! Call us at (847) 895-9131 today for a Thanksgiving car check!