4 Wheel Drive Vs. 2 Wheel Drive

We’ve all heard about 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive options. But, what difference does it make? They each have certain advantages in different circumstances. We’ve put together some of them for you here:

illustration of a tire




4 Wheel Drive:

4 wheel drive (or all wheel drive, when it can’t be switched back to 2 wheel drive manually) has a few benefits. Mostly, these create improved control during hazardous conditions. Snow, heavy rain, sleet, etc. don’t have as much of a negative effect on 4 wheel drive vehicles. However, some drawbacks exist that can make 2 wheel drive more advantageous in certain circumstances:

2 Wheel Drive:

2 wheel drive vehicles get set up in one of two ways: front or rear wheel drive. Front wheel drive frequently gets considered by experts as better for inclement weather situations, but rear wheel seems to provide better performance. While 4 wheel drive has better performance and control during bad weather, it weighs down the car and requires more extensive knowledge/equipment for repairs.


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