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There’s an entire range of car troubles! Here is a list of the 5 most common problems that auto repair shops run into all the time.


  1. Add-ons installed by Driver

When drivers install additions such as alarm systems, radios, or wireless devices to their car, it will often divert power from other vital coordinates, causing problems. It’s best to have these extras installed in the store or at an auto shop to make sure that no damage is caused.

  1. Coolant Sensor

When the coolant sensor or any other sensor is dysfunctional it becomes harder to tell if a more serious issue is arising. For example, an engine could easily overheat without you knowing until the damage is beyond repair all because the coolant sensor gave out. Smaller issues such as this are some of the most common and possibly the most damaging. That’s why regular maintenance checks are so essential.


  1. 3. Mass Air Flow Sensor.

Just like with the coolant sensor, when this puppy is broken, other issues easily accumulate without the driver knowing. This problem can be avoided with frequently replaced air filters. This is a much more economic maintenance fix, as replacing air filters is substantially less expensive than replacing the sensor itself.

  1. Catalytic Converter.

This should not be a problem in a well cared for vehicle. Since this costly repair is only necessary if a smaller issue in the car is ignored. This might sound redundant, but it can’t be stressed enough that regular maintenance is vital.  

  1.  Oxygen Sensors.

Once again, sensors are crucial for a car’s longtime serviceability. This sensor in particular is the most common complication in auto repair. Its purpose is to balance the fuel being used with oxygen. Even though it can be easily repaired by the driver, in newer cars the sensor is located in an area that’s fairly difficult to reach.

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