Battery Light Could Mean Something Serious

Battery Light Warning Sensor on Car Dashboard

The Battery Light in Your Car Could Mean You Have an Alternator Problem.

We use batteries for a lot of things in our life. Our phones, computers and even our cars all have batteries. When the sensor on your dashboard is telling you something about your battery isn’t working well, it’s best not to ignore it. Call 847-895-9131 to have your car examined to find out exactly what is wrong. Our technicians at Express Auto Repair & Emissions can help with all your battery needs. The problem could be minor or it could be serious. Here are some possible problems that could cause your battery light to come on.

Battery Problems

Dirty Termnials

Sometimes your battery light will come on because the battery terminals are corroded and the battery isn’t getting a good connection. This is a really easy, inexpensive fix.

Bad Battery

It could be that your battery is old and worn out and just needs to be replaced. Let us hook you up with a new battery to get you back on the road. Again, this is an easy and relatively inexpensive fix.

Bad Alternator

Once you start your car, your car switches to the alternator as it’s driving. The alternator keeps the car running, but it also charges your battery as you drive. If this is what’s causing your battery light to come on, there is potential for you car to die while you are driving.

These are only a handful of things that could cause your battery light to come on. You should always take your car to an auto technician to work on all electrical problems. Call us today at 847-895-9131 to set up an appointment.