Can I Drive Sleep Deprived Safely?

sleep | moon Previously, we went over the dangers of texting and driving. Losing the ability to focus on the road can drastically increase the chances of a wreck. However, other things can inhibit driving ability like texting or drinking. Another big culprit includes sleep deprived driving. Here, we’ll answer the question “Can I drive sleep deprived safely?”.


Sleep deprivation has almost identical effects to alcohol. It decreases many different functions necessary for driving: memory, reaction time, motor control, focus etc. Check out the Mythbuster’s episode where they find that sleep deprived driving presents more risk than driving moderately drunk.

National Sleep Foundation Studies:

  • The NSF discovered through a survey that 60% of adults regularly drive sleep deprived. 33% reported that they had fallen asleep behind the wheel once in their life at the very least.
  • According to the NSF, youth, late night shift workers and new parents present the highest risk of sleep deprived driving.

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