Car Air Conditioner

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Learn More About Your Car’s AC

Your car air conditioner is a vital part of your vehicle. With summer showing hotter temperatures you will be using your AC more often in order to achieve more comfortable cabin temperatures. Yet there may be times where it may act up so it’s best to understand essentially how your car air conditioner works. If you require professional assistance with car air conditioner repairs or services get in contact with your local auto repair shop. Here is some general background information regarding your car air conditioner that may prove useful to you.

What is AC in a car?

A car air conditioner system will cool the interior of a car for a cooler environment for occupants during hot weather. It was properly developed almost a hundred years ago as an add-on to car buyers yet it is the standard for almost all newly produced cars to have this feature. A car air conditioner is made up of three main parts, the compressor, condenser and evaporator. These systems will work together to move refrigerant through a high and low pressure closed loop system. The refrigerant is a substance that changes from gas to a liquid and back to a gas as part of the process and essentially will pull away warm air and vent it away from the car.

How long does car AC last?

A new recharge with your car air conditioner is not going to be used all the time so it’ll be a few years before another one is necessary. If you live in a very hot climate a recharge can typically last in those conditions for around three years. 

Does car AC work when off?

Your car air conditioner won’t be able to be turned on without the engine running. That’s because the car’s compressor that works with the air conditioner won’t get activated without the engine running. The blower can still be turned on however since this is electrically driven. 

How much power does a car air conditioner use?

A car air conditioner in modern cars will use about 4 horsepower or 3kW of the engine’s power which will increase the fuel consumption as well.

Does a car air conditioner consume fuel?

A car air conditioner will increase fuel composition more than any other auxiliary feature as it has the extra load of the engine. It may increase use by up to 20%. 

Should I circulate air in my car?

Recirculating the air with your car air conditioner can assist in having the inside cool down faster than with fresh air being pulled into the cabin. Keep in mind that this fast cool-down my come with a health risk if you leave it on recirculation mode for too long. That’s because recirculated air is just air that’s been breathed in and out by other occupants so it’s been sapped of oxygen and is instead filled with moisture. This type of combination can make you groggy which can hinder your concentration as well as safe driving ability. In order to maintain highly oxygenated air use recirculation mode only until the cabin hits a reasonable temperature, then switch to fresh air mode. Some newer cars may be built with automatic system sensors that monitor the moisture and oxygen levels and can switch between the two for you.

Driver hand tuning air ventilation grille, fresh air is coming out

How do I make my car air conditioner colder?

  • Start the Car Engine
  • Turn the Blower Fan to Max. Speed
  • Turn on the AC
  • Open All Windows & Select Outside Air Mode
    • (This pushes the hot air from both the car and AC system itself.)

Why is my AC blowing warm air in my car?

Your car air conditioner may be blowing warm air due to problems with the cooling fan, the compressor, condenser or the overall electrical system of your car. Another consideration can be that your refrigerant levels are low. 

Why is my car air conditioner not blowing cold air?

There can be many reasons as to why your car air conditioner isn’t releasing cold air from issues with the compressor to leaks somewhere in the system. With air that’s cool but not cold issues could stem from radiator problems, a clogged filter, trouble with the cooling fan or it could be the AC needs to be recharged.

How long does it take to fix AC in car?

Generally, fixing the car air conditioner will take around 3-5 hours. 

Reach Out to a Professional

If your car air conditioner is having trouble, get in contact with your local auto repair shop for car air conditioner repair. Only a qualified mechanic will be able to run the necessary tests and conduct the right repairs that will get your AC back into action. Enjoy stable cabin temperatures and have a smoother driving experience by having your car air conditioner in the right shape with the right car services today.

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