Why Do Car Batteries Die In Winter?

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Is Your Vehicle Battery In Good Condition?

With winter approaching, many car owners are bracing for the worst with each chilly morning, holding their breath when they start their cars. You may have heard that car batteries tend to die after the first cold front, but the reason why may surprise you! Today we will discuss a few fun facts about your vehicle battery.

To begin, while many vehicle batteries do seem to go bad during winter, it isn’t actually the cold weather that causes it. Hot summers are actually responsible for the rapid wear and tear on your battery! During the hot days, corrosion is increased on you battery, aging it rapidly. However, the damage doesn’t become apparent until the winter, because during the winter, your battery has a harder time starting up. Add the difficulty of starting on a cold morning to the months of damage caused during the summer, and you’ve got the recipe for a dead battery!

Another thing that can cause your battery to die is a problem with your alternator. If your battery stops working while you are driving, you can likely chalk it up to an issue with your alternator. In other cases, human error can leave you with a car that won’t start in the morning, This includes things such as leaving your headlight on, or leaving a door open.

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