Do I need an alignment?

3 Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

At Express Auto Repair & Emissions we often field the common question, “Do I need an alignment?” Many vehicle owners are uncertain of how to assess their car to know if an alignment is in order. We put together this helpful list of three of the most common signs that you need a wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment is what keeps your car driving straight or true. When you have your car aligned it is put back to the car maker’s specifications. Your car becomes unaligned through time because of the wear and tear of the road. When you drive over large bumps or in large pot holes you can cause your car to be unaligned.

Check out this quick chart to see if your car is in need of an alignment!

Wheel Alignment Chart

These signs are the most common indicators that it’s time to bring your car in to the shop. However, if you are still uncertain don’t hesitate to stop by and we will be glad to help you ascertain if your car is in need of a wheel alignment.