4 Wheel Drive Service in Schaumburg, IL

Offroad through muddy fieldIf you have a 4-wheel drive SUV or truck, and the 4-wheel drive system has failed to work, give us a call. Our mechanics are experienced in servicing all aspects of 4×4 drive systems, including transfer cases, various types of locking hubs, viscous clutches, differentials, driveshafts, and both manual and electronic shifting systems.

Whatever it might be, for the best 4-wheel drive service and repair in Schaumburg, IL, our 4×4 services will get you back on the road. Stop by today!

About 4WD Systems

In most 4WD systems, there is a transfer case that takes the power from the transmission and distributes it evenly to both the front axle and rear axle. In many AWD vehicles, this is built into the transaxle. A transaxle is a combination of a transmission and a differential and is found on FWD vehicles. With AWD vehicles based on this system, they often include the transfer case function into the differential part of the transaxle as well. We offer the best 4×4 service in Schaumburg, IL. For 4WD service and repair that is both professional and affordable, give us a call today!

Some 4×4 trucks are part-time while others are full-time. Part-time 4WD systems are only to be used off-road or on slippery roads (snow, ice, etc.), while full-time 4wd systems are designed to be used on dry pavement as well as bad roads. Drive windup is when two axles turn at a different speed, which is what makes it a bad idea to drive on pavement with a part-time 4WD system. At Express Auto Repair in Schaumburg, IL, 4WD service and repair are just one of the many services we offer. Whether you have an AWD car or a part-time or full-time 4×4 truck or SUV, we can help!