AC Refill or Recharge Service

Is your car AC no longer blowing cold air? You could need a Schaumburg, IL AC recharge or refill service, and Express Auto and Emissions is just the team you need!

Why isn’t my AC cooling my car?

acrecharge1rsWe all know how bad it feels when your car AC isn’t working. You end up having to drive with the windows down, getting sticky and having your skin stick to leather seats; no one likes that feeling. If your vehicle AC isn’t working or blowing cold air anymore, it could be several different problems. The most common problem in your car AC unit no longer blowing cool air is needing to have your unit recharged.

Your car AC unit is designed to move heat from one place to another. Your car AC uses refrigerant to cool your vehicle, and if there is a leak somewhere or that refrigerant level gets lower than your car will cease to blow cooler air through your AC system. This, in turn, will either cause your AC to stop working or it will simply blow warm air into your car. Here at Express Auto and Emissions we have the best AC refill and recharge service in Schaumburg, IL to can get you cool again! Don’t wait, get your AC back to that cool temperature that you love!

If you’re having this type of AC problem in your vehicle then don’t wait until you’re sticky and uncomfortable, call or come by Express Auto and Emissions today; we’ll get your AC back up and running again in no time! 847-895-9131