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An essential, but often overlooked, component of your vehicle is its brake pads. Properly functioning brakes can help deter common accidents caused by hazardous road conditions or bad drivers. Brakes are often ignored until it’s too late. Knowing when to change out worn-down brake pads can save you money in the long run, as worn-out pads can often damage your rotors as well. Damaged rotors require costly repairs. Express Auto Repair in Schaumburg, IL provides brake repair service for your foreign or domestic vehicle.

When To Replace Your Brakes

The most obvious sign that your brakes need to be replaced is a squealing noise that occurs when braking. This is due to the brake pad’s indicator tab. The indicator tab is a small piece of metal that grinds against the rotors when your brake pads become too thin. If left unchanged, the brake pad will dwindle down to nothing, leaving only metal grinding against metal. If you need brake repair in Schaumburg, IL, our brake mechanics can properly inspect and replace your vehicle’s brakes. We offer 1-year parts and labor warranty on our repair services. Visit us today!

If you notice your car pulsating back and forth when slowing to a stop, or your steering wheel starting to vibrate, this can be caused by a warped rotor. Over time, uneven pressure from the brake pads can cause the rotor to warp. A qualified brake repair shop in Schaumburg, IL can turn the rotors for you, making them smooth again. You can also upgrade your brake pads or rotors with better-quality ones, such as ceramic brake pads or performance rotors. Since 1988, we’ve offered quick and affordable brake repair service. For all your brake repair needs, stop by and see us! We look forward to seeing you.

Free Brake Inspections

Not sure the condition of your brakes? Stop in today for a free brake inspection!