Catalytic Convert Replacement In Schaumburg, IL

The catalytic converter was developed for vehicles back in 1975. Its job is to convert harmful pollutants found in the exhaust into less harmful emissions. When your catalytic converter does not function properly it can result in degrading your vehicle’s performance as well as fuel efficiency. It can even cause your car to stall out. Express Auto Repair in Schaumburg, IL offers catalytic converter repair and replacement. Our experienced mechanics can inspect and fix any issues you may be having with your emissions.

If you are experiencing hesitation problems when your step on the gas or your car stalls out when trying to accelerate after a complete stop, then you may have a clogged catalytic converter. This will restrict the airflow of the exhaust coming from the engine. A clogged cat converter results in issues with your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. The best recommendation for diagnosing this problem is by checking the exhaust system’s back pressure. Our experienced and knowledgeable mechanics can help repair or replace your catalytic converter in Schaumburg, IL.

Causes of a Bad Cat Converter

Most times the catalytic converter will fail due to a bad oxygen sensor. Your car’s computer may increase the pulse width of the fuel injectors if an incorrect signal is given from the O2 sensor. This creates a richer fuel and oxygen mixture which will cause hydrocarbons to build up inside the catalytic convert, causing premature failure.

Since 1988 our shop has provided expert catalytic converter replacement service for domestic and foreign vehicles. If you need cat converter repair then visit our shop today! We back our repair services with 1-year parts and labor warranty. We’re also an A-rated authorized emissions repair facility. If you are suffering from emissions problems, don’t hesitate to bring your car in or give us a call at 847-895-9131!