Differential Repair/Replacement Service in Schaumburg, IL

Is your car humming, grinding or growling, especially when it comes to taking a turn? You could be having problems with your differential in Schaumburg, IL and need repair/replacement; Express Auto can help!

A Differential and why it affects your car?

differential1rsYour vehicle’s wheels spin at different speeds, especially when you go to take a turn. Your outside wheels must spin faster than the wheels on the inside of the turn because they have more ground to cover in the same amount of time. If your car didn’t have a differential, then all your wheels would be forced to rotate at the same speed. If your car is making grinding/growling noises, it could be that something is wrong with your differential and it needs to be repaired or replaced. Don’t wait until grinding noises happen bring your car to Express Auto for a checkup!

Your vehicle’s differential could be malfunctioning due to several things, like fluid leaks or unchanged fluid, abuse or wear and tear. The differential in your car sends engine power to your wheels, acts as the final gear in your vehicle by slowing the speed of your transmission before it hits the wheels and transmits power to your wheels while still letting them rotate at various different speeds (how the differential received its name). Here at Express Auto Repair & Emissions we have the knowledge and professionals needed to replace or repair your differential in Schaumburg, IL! Don’t wait to have your car back in perfect working condition!

We’ve always got a professional car mechanic ready to perform whatever quality service you require. Our differential service is just one of the specialties that we offer. If you’re having this type of problem with your vehicle, then don’t hesitate to call or just come by today! Express Auto and Emissions is here to help you! 847-895-9131