Electrical Repair and Replacement

If your car is acting funny, with indicator lights flashing on and off or isn’t starting all together you could have an electrical problem with your car. Come by Express Auto and Emissions for a Schaumburg, IL electrical replacement or repair service today.

What electrical problems can happen to my car?

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Electrical problems with your vehicle can cause you a great many issues with your car. It can make your indications lights flash on and off, it can make your car spit and sputter, it can even keep your car from starting altogether. Electrical problems can also make it look like something is wrong with your car that isn’t, which can cause confusion and frustration. At Express Auto and Emissions can help you find and fix your vehicles electrical problem or replace what is broken.

The kind of electrical problems that most commonly happen are; battery electrical problems or electrical battery components, alternator electrical problems and this charges your battery when your car is running, broken wires or blown fuses, spark plugs or spark plug wires, solenoid electrical problems and these are the magnetic coils that distribute power to auto windows and locks and this problem can also be confused with a bad starter or a dead battery. These are problems that can lead to larger problems if not taken care of as soon as possible and no one wants to pay more than they should have to in order to fix a problem that can be prevented by getting your electrical problem repaired or replaced in Schaumburg, IL.

If you’re having this type of electrical issue with your vehicle then do not wait another minute to have it checked out and fixed! Call or come by Express Auto and Emissions today! 847-895-9131