Schaumburg, IL Engine Repair Service Mechanics

Is your engine running rough? Do you have low oil pressure? Is there a light tapping sound that comes from the top of your engine every time you start your car? We can help!

repair-auto-engineHere at Express Auto and Emissions, we are experts at engine repair in Schaumburg, IL. Whether you need a head resurfaced, or new main bearings, we can fix whatever is wrong with your vehicle’s engine. If you are experiencing engine trouble, our knowledgeable mechanics can accurately identify and treat the problem. Our engine repair mechanics in Schaumburg, IL are fully-trained and experienced in all manner or engine services from repair to maintenance.

Engine Services We Perform

Engine repair entails a wide range of services from valve trains to main bearings, sensors, computer issues, and the list goes on. Below are some of the common engine repairs.

  • Valve jobs
  • Bottom ends (main bearings, etc.)
  • Sensor replacement
  • Head gasket repair
  • Timing chain replacement
  • Timing belt/water pump service

Whether you have a bad spark plug or a blown head gasket, our technicians look forward to serving you. We have years of experience and can do the job right the first time. Give your car the care it deserves and bring it in today for a free quote. We look forward to serving all of your engine repair needs in Schaumburg, IL!