Engine Repair or Replacement Service

Your car no longer runs? Or your car is simply making a funny noise? You could be having engine issues, but at Express Auto and Emissions we can help!

Keep your car!

repair-auto-engineWe all know how pesky or aggravating it can be for your vehicle to simply stop running, or how scary it can be for it to make weird, loud noises while you’re driving. We also know that things happen to cars even if you as a driver have done nothing wrong. Things on cars can malfunction, wear out, or even simply break; whether the driver is at fault or not. Here at Express Auto Repair & Emissions, we want to help you with your engine replacement or repair service in Schaumburg, IL. Engines breaking down or having repair needs is one of the biggest issues with vehicle owners! Don’t get rid of your car just yet, give us a call first!

You can keep your vehicle by simply bringing it into us to check out and see if a repair can be made or even replace the engine, all without buying a new car! A lot of issues that happen with your vehicle’s engine can be repaired just by bringing your car or truck in for us to look at and diagnose, sometimes the problem can be a minor one and sometimes it a little more major, but most engine problems can be repaired. However, if your engine cannot be repaired it can be replaced; replacing your vehicle’s engine will not only get you up and running again, it is also much cheaper than purchasing a new car. Bring your car to us, we can help you with all of your Schaumburg, IL engine repair or replacement service needs!

If this sounds like the issues that you are having with your vehicle then don’t wait, call or come by Express Auto and Emissions today so we can help you! 847-895-9131