Engine Running Rough Repair Service

If your car engine is running rough, then you could have a multitude of different things that might be wrong with your car engine. Bring your vehicle to Express Auto and Emissions for a diagnosis of what your problem could be.

Why is my engine running so rough?

If your Schaumburg, IL engine is running rough, then there could be several different things that are causing the problem. Your car engine has many facets and wiring, different types of valves and plugs that are all inner connecting. If one of these parts is bad or if some of them are old and worn, it can cause your engine to run rough.

Problems with spark plugs, plug wires, sensors, timing belt, a burnt valve or even having water that is getting in your gas; all of these things can cause you a ton of problems with your car, even causing your engine to run rough, your car to shake or even heavy idling. A rough running engine in Schaumburg, IL can be a big problem and here at Express Auto Repair & Emissions, we can help you! We pride ourselves on fast and efficient service at the most affordable prices that we have to offer. Don’t go through the hassle of trying to figure out the problem yourself, or through the terrible costly expense of letting the problem worsen, causing other problems, or even worse, ending up with a broken down vehicle.

Just call or come by Express Auto and Emissions today and ask about our rough running engine repair service here in Schaumburg, IL and the surrounding areas! We’re here to help you get up and running again! 847-895-9131