EVAP Emissions Repair Service In Schaumburg, IL

gasoline-emissionsEvaporative emissions (or EVAP) are not the same as the emissions released from your car’s exhaust. EVAP emissions are actually fuel vapors that emit from your vehicle’s gasoline or fuel when it burns. When gasoline in the fuel lines evaporates, it forms evaporative emissions. These harmful and volatile fumes are then released into the air. Express Auto Repair and Emissions in Schaumburg, IL performs evaporative emissions repair for your car, truck or SUV. Visit our shop today for expert EVAP emissions service!

The government regulates evaporative emissions by requiring vehicles to have an EVAP control system. The EVAP control system traps the gas fumes and draws them into the combustion engine to be burned safely before the fumes release into the atmosphere. This system is made up of a small, charcoal-filled canister where vapors are stored when gas evaporates in the fuel tanks. The vapors are then drawn into the engine along with fresh air for better combustion. If you need EVAP repair or service in Schaumburg, IL, call us today!

EVAP Leak Detection

There are a number of problems that can plague your EVAP system and greatly hinder its performance. An EVAP leak can be caused by a bad canister or even corrosion of the lines. Diagnosing an EVAP leak can be tricky, as it is undetectable by the human eye. Detecting an EVAP leak would require a professional mechanic to properly inspect the system. Our auto repair shop in Schaumburg, IL repairs EVAP leaks and evaporative emissions systems. Our skilled and experienced auto technicians can accurately pinpoint and fix your EVAP leak. Visit our shop or give us a call at 847-895-9131 for affordable and dependable evaporative emissions service.