Factory Scheduled Maintenance In Schaumburg

Factory Scheduled Maintenance for Cars and AutosOne of the most overlooked yet best preventative maintenance services for your vehicle is factory-scheduled car maintenance. In Schaumburg, Express Auto Repair provides professional factory scheduled maintenance for your foreign or domestic car, truck, or SUV. Even if it seems your vehicle is running fine, a factory maintenance service can help you avoid costly repairs or part replacements down the road.

Most vehicle manufacturers typically recommend scheduled car maintenance every 30,000 miles or even once a year. Factory maintenance is one of the most effective methods when it comes to keeping your car running at peak performance. It will also ensure the safety of your vehicle by singling out worn or faulty parts. Scheduled auto maintenance in Schaumburg, IL will help deter fluid leaks, AC failure, engine repairs, emission problems, and more.

What Does Scheduled Car Maintenance Include?

Our experienced and skilled mechanics in Schaumburg perform factory car maintenance on most brands and makes. During factory maintenance, some common services may include replacing worn-out brake pads, corroded spark plugs, dirty air and fuel filters, and old engine oil and coolant. Performing tire inspections, adjusting the engine’s timing, repairing the suspension, and safety inspections are also part of scheduled car maintenance. Think of it like your physical at the doctor; you may not have any symptoms of a sickness, but it is very important to have yourself checked anyways.

We aim to provide you with the best factory scheduled maintenance service in Schaumburg. We offer affordable and dependable car services. Why hassle yourself with a dealership, when you can receive the same level of service at a lower price? Each time your vehicle is due for an oil change, you should bring it here to Express Auto. Not only do we perform the oil change service, but we also do a complete vehicle inspection and a review of the manufacturer’s service recommendations that may be due or coming due at no additional charge. Let us show you why we are your first choice for car maintenance in town!

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