Schaumburg, IL Head Gasket Repair


Head gaskets endure tremendous pressure and can fail over time or under the wrong conditions. One of the most common reasons why a head gasket may fail is overheating the engine. When the engine heats up the metal expands and puts more than usual pressure on the head gasket. When the engine cools off, the metal shrinks and the gasket remains squished and vulnerable to breakage.

If you need head gasket repair, bring your car to our shop in Schaumburg, IL. Head gasket repair is a job that is not recommended for a DIY mechanic, but a trained and experienced technician. Many DIY repairs often fail because one step in the process was not done correctly, such as failing to resurface the head before reinstalling, or perhaps improper torque sequences when tightening down the head bolts. Don’t take chances with your car’s engine!

Dangers Of A Blown Head Gasket

Sometimes when a head gasket breaks it creates a passage between the cylinder and the water gallery, other times a head gasket may develop a leak which allows coolant to seep outside the engine. Other times a passage may be created between an oil gallery and a water chamber. And sometimes head gaskets fail between two cylinders. For expert head gasket repair service in Schaumburg, IL, give us a call today!

The most dangerous situation occurs when there is a leak between the oil gallery and a water channel because the water will seep into your oil and cause rapid wear on vital engine parts. This will destroy the engine itself as much damage will be done all around, everything from lifters to main bearings will be destroyed. The only worthwhile option is to replace or rebuild the engine at that point.

A blown head gasket is a serious matter and will need to be repaired right away before further damage is done to your engine. Our certified mechanics are experienced in head gasket repair and replacement in Schaumburg, IL. Trust your engine to the professionals at Express Auto Repair!