Heater Core Repair and Replacement

Is your car not heating or cooling inside properly? You could be having problems with your heater core, Express Auto and Emissions can help you, call or come by today!

Why is my car not warming?

heatercore1rsA heater core is similar to a radiator, the device is used in the heating of the cabin of your vehicle. Hot coolant from your engine goes through a long winding tube in the core, which is a way for the heated coolant to heat the cabin air. The fins that are attached to the tubes in the core increase heat transfer to the air that flows past them, pushed by a fan and that then heats the inside of the vehicle. If your vehicle doesn’t heat or cool correctly than Schaumburg, IL heater core replacement or repair service might be in order; don’t hesitate to come by immediately.

In most vehicles, the engine is cooled with a water and antifreeze mixture that when run through the engine and radiator by the water pump enables the radiator to give engine heat off into the atmosphere. Some of that water can be moved through the heater core to give that engine heat to the inside of the vehicle. The heater core is located under your dashboard and when the hot coolant moves through it, it gives off heat into the car before returning to the engine cooling unit. If your vehicle also has an air conditioning unit, the outside air is forced through the evaporator coil letting cold air reach the inside of the vehicle.

If your car isn’t warming or cooling properly then you might have a problem with your heater core and repair or replacement service in Schaumburg, IL! Call or come by Express Auto and Emissions today! (847) 895-9131