Oil Change Maintenance In Schaumburg, IL

engine-oil-changeExpress Auto Repair in Schaumburg, IL offers quick and affordable oil change service for your foreign or domestic car, truck, or SUV. It is typically recommended that you have an oil change every 3 months to 3,000 miles (5,000 miles for synthetic oil). Regular oil change maintenance can help to keep your vehicle’s engine performing in top condition. Visit our shop today! We even have free Wi-Fi to make the short wait easier.

Over time, your engine’s oil will thermally break down making it harder to protect the engine’s internal parts. Engine oil keeps these parts from becoming worn out from heat or friction. It keeps them cooled and lubricated so they can operate smoothly. Engine oil also helps to keep your engine clean by absorbing water, dust or other contaminants. These impurities can build up in the oil and cause it to become oversaturated with particles. An oil change in Schaumburg, IL will ensure it’s effectiveness at keeping your engine functioning efficiently.

Types of Engine Oil

When it comes to oil changes, different types of oil are usually used: conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic. Many low-cost oil changes use conventional oil, while this is the most affordable option, it doesn’t offer the best protection for your engine. Full synthetic is the best but is usually the most expensive. A good compromise is a synthetic blend, which is a mixture of conventional and synthetic. Full synthetic is geared toward high-tech engines and offers the best protection, but can also reduce emissions. Full synthetic is the most expensive but offers the most protection.

Get synthetic blend oil for the cost of conventional!

Here at Express Auto, we have a special deal just for you: We offer synthetic blend oil as our base oil for the same price as conventional oil. This is a deal you just can’t pass up! So for your next oil change in Schaumburg, IL, stop by and see us!