Schaumburg, IL O2/Oxygen Sensor Replacement Service

Has your gas mileage gone from good to really bad? Did a check engine light come on but as far as you knew your car was running great? You could have a bad oxygen sensor! No need to worry, however, Express Auto and Emissions has you covered!

What Does Your O2 Sensor do for You?

Your oxygen sensor is an electronic device that measures how much oxygen is in your gas. It is connected to your exhaust system and sometimes your vehicle will have more than one O2 sensor. It helps determine is the air-fuel ratio of your engine is lean or rich. A bad O2 sensor can cause check engine lights to light up and cause you bad gas mileage. If you are seeing a rapid drop in gas mileage or have a check engine light on do not hesitate to bring your car in today for our oxygen sensor replacement service in Schaumburg, IL, we’ll get your fixed up and good as new!

Oxygen sensors can go bad, wear out or malfunction and it is important that they are replaced regularly! O2 sensor replacement service in Schaumburg, IL is extremely important, and at Express Auto and Emissions we know how to find your problem and correctly replace your O2 sensors. A bad O2 sensor can also cause major damage to your vehicle by damaging your catalytic converter and other expensive parts on your car!

Symptoms of a failing oxygen sensor include:

•Your check engine light come on or another sensor light
•Increased consumption of fuel (worse gas mileage)
•Your car hesitating upon acceleration
•Your car stalling
•Your car idling roughly

If you’re having one of this type of problem with your car and need our O2 sensor replacement service in Schaumburg, IL, don’t hesitate to call or bring your car in today! Express Auto is here for you!