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power-steering-serviceYour power steering system uses a hydraulic oil, either power steering fluid (clear) or automatic transmission fluid (ruby red), to amplify your movements when steering. This allows you to steer and maneuver much easier than a vehicle without power steering could. And just like your cars engine oil, this hydraulic oil has to be changed from time to time, that’s why you need to have a power steering flush. If you never change this oil, then, just like with your engine, the power steering will go out at some point.

Signs of Needing a Power Steering Flush

When power steering fluid is new, it contains conditioners to help maintain the rubber seals throughout the power steering system. As the fluid ages, these conditioners break down and stop protecting the seals. Because of this, the rubber will start to corrode and your fluid will begin turning dark in color. This should be your first sign of future power steering problems.

Also, you may notice that it is getting harder to turn the wheel over time. This, too, is a sign of a failing power steering system. As the fluid gets old, it does not work as well as a hydraulic oil, meaning it is not as responsive when helping you turn your wheels. Having a power steering flush will replace all of this old fluid, and most people notice a difference in their steering performance immediately after having the service down.

If your vehicle is whining when making turns, then you may have let the fluid go too long without a flush; you might have damage starting to form in the power steering pump or rack and pinion. But it may not be too late to benefit from having your power steering system flushed. While it won’t reverse the damage, it will help to keep it from continuing to worsen. It may even stop the whining noise completely as well.

Regardless of what the problem is, if you need a power steering flush in Schaumburg, IL, give us a call or visit our shop today. Our friendly technicians are here to answer all of your questions and help you get back on the road again. Open 7 days a week, our mechanics offer quality and dependable car service. For the best power steering repair, service and replacement in Schaumburg, IL, don’t hesitate to contact us!