Radiator Flush/Fill in Schaumburg, IL

If your radiator has been giving you issues then a radiator flush and fill could help your vehicle’s performance! Just give Express Auto and Emissions a call or come by today!

Why would my radiator need to be flushed?

radiator1rsRadiators are one of the leading causes of stranded motorists and engine malfunction. A malfunctioning or broken radiator can not only tear up your engine but can also cause other auto mechanical problems that you definitely do not want to deal with. However, a simple radiator flush and fill service in Schaumburg, IL could make all the difference to your vehicle performance. This simple service can help one of the more important parts of your car to live a longer, healthier life. Don’t wait until you have a more serious problem with your engine or your radiator when keeping a well-maintained radiator could save you a lot of hassle in the future.

A radiator flush can flush out any rust or sludge that had built up in your radiator over time, bringing it back to an effective performance level. Getting your Schaumburg, IL radiator flush and fill service at Express Auto today could mean the difference between driving happily home or getting stranded on the side of the road waiting for assistance because of an overheated engine. Build up in your radiator can cause you a load of problems that you should not have to deal with, and that is simple to keep from happening! At Express Auto we will remove and flush out any old, contaminated coolant that is in your radiator and make sure that it is replaced and filled with brand new, clean coolant! This kind of service will make your radiator performance rise again and keep your radiator maintained so it can keep your engine from overheating.

If you are having radiator issues or just want to keep your radiator maintained, serviced and effective then call or come by Express Auto and Emissions today! 847-895-9131 We look forward to working with you!