Shock and Strut Replacements in Schaumburg, IL

shocks-and-strutsShocks and struts are gas charged or fluid-filled cylinders that help absorb the impact of dips, bumps, and potholes in the road. In addition that also help maintain good contact of the wheels with the pavement promoting better handling and less chances of losing control. So replacing shocks and struts in Schaumburg, IL not only gives you a smoother more comfortable ride but also helps keep you and your family safer while going down the road.

If you are experiencing a rough ride or excessive up and down movements when going over bumps then you may need your shocks or struts replaced. Some signs of worn shocks or struts are, front of the car dips when hitting the brakes, bouncing that continues after hitting a bump, the vehicle “bottoming out” when going over a dip, excessive noise when driving on rough roads. If you are having any of these symptoms with your car or truck it’s time to get your shocks and struts checked out.

How Often do I Need to Replace my Shocks & Struts?

How often you need to replace them depends mostly on your driving habits and the quality of part that was last used on your vehicle. But typically most shocks or struts will last around 40,000 to 60,000 miles. Although if you drive predominantly on extremely rough roads this time frame could be significantly reduced in your case.

Since 1988 our shop has provided expert shock and strut replacement service for domestic and foreign vehicles. If you need shocks or struts replaced then visit our shop today! We back our repair services with a 1-year parts and labor warranty. We’re also an A-rated repair facility, don’t hesitate to bring your car in or give us a call at 847-895-9131!