Schaumburg, IL Suspension Repair

suspension-repair-serviceYour vehicle’s suspension system has the greatest influence over the car’s ride and handling. Without it, your wheels would have a hard time maintaining contact with the road. This would make for one scary and uncomfortable ride! Luckily, the mechanics at Express Auto in Schaumburg, IL handle suspension repair.

How does suspension work?

The comfort of your ride is determined by your car’s suspension. Suspension works by absorbing energy from the wheels when they vertically accelerate after coming into contact with an uneven or raised surface. This allows the wheels to follow the raised surface while the frame and body remain undisturbed. The components of a suspension system include springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect to the wheels of the vehicle. Over time, the shocks and springs that comprise the suspension eventually wear out. This can be dangerous due to a decrease in the car’s handling. If you are having issues with your suspension, DO NOT jeopardize your safety by ignoring the problem. Bring your car to Express Auto and Emissions for suspension repair in Schaumburg, IL. Symptoms of faulty suspension include:

• The sensation that your car is bouncing, dipping, or diving

• Your car continues to bounce up and down after going over a bump

• Sharp, sudden jerks

• Vibration when the car reaches a certain speed

• Veering off or unstable steering

• Banging, screeching, or clucking sounds when driving

For car suspension repair or replacement service in Phoenix, call Express Auto and Emissions today at (847) 895-9131.