Water Pump Replacements in Schaumburg, IL

water-pumpWater pumps are what circulate the coolant through your engine block and keep your vehicle from overheating. They are a very important part of your vehicle and a water pump failure can lead to major repairs due to overheating the engine, such as a blown head gasket.

Typically the first thing you notice when a water pump goes out is coolant pouring out from under your hood as soon as you turn on the engine. If you’re driving when it goes out then you will immediately see your heat gauge start to rise. As soon as safely possible you should pull over and stop driving. If this has happened to you call us now and we will arrange a tow truck to pick you up and bring you to our shop.

How often do I need to replace my Water Pump?

There is no way to know how long a water pump will last you exactly. But most people have them replaced every 100,000 miles. Usually, when this is done it is recommended to also replace your timing belt. The reason for this is on a lot of vehicles the timing belt must be removed to access the water pump, since the labor is already being done it’s a good idea to pay the small fee for a new timing belt since it also needs to be replaced every 100,000 miles.

Since 1988 our shop has provided expert water pump replacement in Schaumburg, IL for domestic and foreign vehicles. If you need your water pump replaced then visit our shop today! We back our repair services with 1-year parts and labor warranty. We’re also an A-rated repair facility, don’t hesitate to bring your car in or give us a call at (847) 895-9131!