Four Summer Car Tips

summer car tips

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road. Make sure your car’s ready for summer.

Everyone understands that winter, at least in most places, requires special maintenance for a vehicle. Fewer people realize that summer presents its own unique stresses. To prepare yourself for the season of road trips and traffic, follow these four summer car tips.

Check Your Fluids

A breakdown represents the last thing you want on a road trip. A simple way to help ensure the steady operation of you car comes from a fluid check. Make sure that the levels of your brake, power-steering, and transmission fluids all remain at acceptable levels. The last of these has particular importance, as a burnt-up transmission will simply render your car inoperable. While you’re at it, make sure to regularly check and change your oil.

Coolant System

The number one cause for summer breakdowns comes from overheated vehicles. You can avoid this through a review of your car’s coolant system. Any qualified mechanic can perform this job, and recommend whether your fluid or hoses need replacement.

Air Conditioner

Just as a car needs to keep cool, so does the driver. If your air conditioner struggled throughout spring, then it could possibly fail from the demands of summer. Have a professional mechanic inspect the system for leaks or the need for repair.


Ideally, you should check your tires year-round. A long summer trip will place extra stress on them, however, and provides a useful reminder to review your tires. You’ll want to check the pressure, and also  look for signs of wear such as bubbles on the sidewall or worn treads. If you see these, have the tire replaced for the sake of personal safety.

These summer car tips cover just the basics for vehicle maintenance. For professional check-ups and repair in Schaumburg, IL, trust the experts at Express Auto Repair. Regardless of the season, we can ensure that your car remains in tip-top shape for the road ahead. To schedule service, call us at (847) 895-9131.