Fun & Interesting Car Facts

The automobile has stayed around for over 100 years, with no sign of it going any where. It should come as no surprise that some interesting factoids have come up about them over that time. If that interests you, we have listed some of them here:

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Fact 1:

The first cars to ever get built had a lever for turning rather than a steering wheel.

Fact 2:

The average car gets built in 25 hours. Almost half of that time gets spent painting it.

Fact 3:

The Volkswagen Beetle got built under the order of Hitler; he called it “the people’s car”.

Fact 4:

Iowa has made ice cream trucks illegal.

Fact 5:

Hummers have the highest ticket rates of any other car.

Fact 6:

In America, more people die in crosswalks than from jaywalking.


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