Get Your Car Ready For Summer


Your Car Can Take You Anywhere This Summer.

Summer is a great time for family and friends to get together and go on adventures in the car! When planning a trip, you always plan and pack ahead to prevent an emergency. Why not do the same for your car? Summer heat can be hard on your car, and if there is an issue with your engine or system, it can cut your trip short. Before you head out on the road, check the following to ensure your trip won’t be interrupted by car issues.

What To Check On Your Car

  • Tires: When the temperature changes, it can affect your tire pressure and how your tires handle the road. Check your pressure and consider tire rotation or replacement for especially worn tires.
  • Air Conditioner: A hot car is dangerous for you, your loved ones, and your pets. Before you hit the road, test your AC. If it makes any strange noises or isn’t blowing cool air, service is in order.
  • Coolant: Coolant plays an important role in keeping your engine running well. If it is too low, it can allow your engine to overheat which can damage multiple sections of your engine, leading to costly repairs. Assess how low your coolant is and get a refill if needed.
  • Brakes: Keeping your brakes at their best is very important to your traveling safety. Brake inspection can determine if your brake pads or fluid needs replacement.
  • Battery: Summer heat can be just as damaging to car batteries as winter. Test all of your accessories and consider a battery replacement if the posts and connectors are corroded.

Is your vehicle in need of service before your road trip? Express Auto Repair & Emissions is always available to provide you with quality service to keep your car road ready. Reach out to us at (847) 895-9131 for expert service in Schaumburg, IL