Hints You Might Need to Have Your Brakes Looked Over

Brakes are arguably the most important feature in a vehicle. When you’re flying through the air in a two-ton hunk of metal, they’re the only things keeping you and whatever you’re driving towards from total annihilation. It’s important to be aware of when they need service or replacing. Here are some hints you need to take your car into the shop:






You hear a high-pitched squeal:

A small piece of equipment in your braking system lets you know when your brakes need a checkup. If you hear this sound, it’s time to take your car in. If you ignore it and keep driving, eventually your brake pads will erode completely and you’ll hear a harsh grinding sound when applying your brakes. At this point, you may be causing irreversible damage to your vehicle.

Your car pulls one way or the other:

This isn’t necessarily caused by defective brakes, but a stuck caliper is a potential source of this problem. Worn tires, bad alignment, and problems with suspension are other causes.

You feel vibrations when you apply the brakes:

Vibrating brake pedals commonly indicate warped rotors. Their unequal surfaces cause rapid shaking when applied to the brake pads. Unless you’ve been driving down steep hills recently, these vibrations are a good indicator that it’s time to get your brakes checked.


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