Maintaining Your 4-Wheel Drive

Your 4-wheel drive is likely one of your most prized possessions. You wash it weekly and change the oil before it’s time. You regularly inspect your tires and wheel assembly, engine, and transmission to ensure tip-top shape. But are you taking proper care of the 4-wheel drive itself? Below, we list the vital 4-wheel drive maintenance tasks that should be done regularly to keep your 4×4 running as it should.

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Brakes and Lines

Inspect your brakes and their lines for areas of leaking or wear, and regrease them as necessary. Ungreased brake lines could mean rust or early degradation that can cause big problems.


Typically, your modern 4×4 vehicle will be self-leveling, which involves the use of linkages. Check yours to make sure they are properly lubricated to prevent grinding and wear.


You should have both your front and back differentials inspected regularly including fluid level, seals, and signs of corrosion. You will also need to change the fluid according to your vehicle’s specifications, which is usually between 20,000 and 35,000 miles.

Transfer Case

Maybe the most vital component of your 4-wheel drive system, your transfer case controls how your vehicle’s power is transferred to the front and back wheels. During the inspection, you should check each of your seals, paying special attention to the ones located near the transmission. Yous should also check the fluid and change it according to your vehicle manual.

Proper 4-wheel drive maintenance is the first step to optimal performance. Ensure proper inspection and maintenance all the time with the help from the Express Auto Repair & Emissions professionals. We provide accurate, comprehensive inspection, evaluation, and repair for all 4×4 makes and models. Call our technicians today at (847) 895-9131.