Signs That Your Tires Need To Be Rotated

Signs Your Tires Need To Be Rotated

There are many things that need to be done in regards to car maintenance. One car maintenance item we tend to forget is tire rotation. While not as crucial as an oil change or tune-up, our car’s tires are essential in getting us places. When we put off tire rotation, there is the risk of a tire blow out or even losing traction. Here are signs that your tires need to be rotated.

Wear and Tear is Uneven

The front tires are going to get more wear than the back ones, that is to be expected. One of the signs that your tires need to be rotated is the uneven wear on the tires. Rotating the front ones to the back can ensure that the tires are all worn the same.

Feeling Vibrations

It’s not normal for your car to be vibrating violently when you drive, but this can happen when your tires need to be rotated. The reason they vibrate is that the tires aren’t worn evenly. Getting them rotated will stop the annoying vibrations when you drive.

Loss of Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can occur in one tire and not the others because there is more pressure being put on that tire. By simply rotating the tires, you are distributing the pressure evenly among the tires.

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