Five ways you might be harming your vehicle

Photo of sports carNot only has auto-related technology evolved over the past few decades, but people are keeping their cars for a lot longer than they used to. So the folks at felt it was time to update its list of Really Expensive Auto Service and Repair Mistakes to Avoid. Read on and learn:

  1. Neglecting your fluids. This could cost you thousands. If your car has high mileage, the engine oil level should be checked more often than with other vehicles.
  2. Visiting a repair shop without knowing what to expect. Whatever your vehicle’s issue, do your research online ahead of time so that you don’t go in blindly. You’ll save time and money.
  3. Neglecting your tires. Driving with the correct tire pressure is very important, as is replacing bald tires. A blowout is a dangerous and potentially expensive problem.
  4. Ignoring dashboard warning lights. They light up for a reason — a reason that can often protect your safety on the road. Hybrid and electric vehicles “communicate” with drivers quite a bit, but don’t become complacent to those notifications.
  5. Accepting the first repair quote. Always do your research by getting three or four opinions and rates. It’s the sensible thing to do!