Tips To Save Gas

Nobody like having to stop and fill up for gas. It’s not fun to watch your money literally away in a matter of minutes, but we all have to do it and with the steady increase in gas prices the world has seen, there are always people looking to save money on gas. There are a few ways to help save you gas, even if you are a commuter.

Slow Down – When you drive fast and take off in a hurry, you are using way more gas than you normally should be. Not only are you wasting gas, but you are putting unneeded stress on your vehicle that you don’t need to be doing. By speeding, you are causing your car to work harder, thus needing more fuel to add to the fire that is, your running car.

Roll The Window Down – This one isn’t always true actually. If you are on the freeway it is actually better for you to keep your window up and turn on that air conditioning. But if you are driving through town or down an old back road, roll the window down. Not only will it help you save gas, but it will probably make you feel really good too.

Maintenance – You need to make sure you are getting your car maintenanced when it tells you you need it. There are things like air filters that have to be changed in order for your vehicle to keep runni9ng its best.

When you do need an oil change or anything of that nature, give Express Auto Repair & Emissions a call at (847) 895-9131. We will be here for you and your vehicle.