What Is Heater Core In Car?

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Learn More About A Heater Core

There are many parts to a car yet for comfortability purposes perhaps the most important area of operations will be with the heating and cooling system. With winter approaching fast it may be time to check up on the heating functions of your car. Essentially, the part of your heater that is most important will be the heater core. Here is where heat will be allowed to disperse throughout your car keeping occupants and drivers warm and crisp. However, like all parts of your vehicle, it may require maintenance or repairs from time to time. When you’re in need of a professional to check out your heater core be sure to get in touch with your local car shop. Here is some background information about heater cores that may prove useful to you in the meantime.

What does heater core look like?

A heater core is a part of a car’s cooling system and looks like a miniature version of a radiator with a grid of little tubes and a waffle-like appearance from the fins that send heat to the rest of the car through vents.

What does a heater core do?

A heater core will disperse the heat throughout the car with the cooling system and will allow your heater and defroster to work. The primary purpose of the heater core is to heat the cabin of the car.

How does my car’s heater core work?

The heater core of a car will work much like the radiator does yet instead of cooling the motor the heat form the coolant will warm the car’s interior. Basically, it will divert the coolant from the rest of the car’s cooling system to heat the interior of your car.

What happens when a heater core goes bad?

Your heater core can exhibit many signs when it starts to go bad, one such sign can be when the inside your car fogs up with condensation. What this usually points to is a leak from the coolant vapor that goes into the cabin of a car when the car heats up as you start driving.

Can I drive my car with a bad heater core?

Usually, a bad heater core will go bad after leaking. This can occur when the heater core uses the engine’s coolant to make heat. With a leak, the amount of coolant to cool the system will be lowered which results in a higher temperature of parts which can ultimately damage the engine of the car.

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How do you test a heater core? 

  • Turn on the engine to see that heater works.
  • Check the radiator for coolant.
  • Make sure the thermostat is correct.
  • After the engine has been running for a minute or so see if your smell antifreeze in the air coming from the vents. (Faulty heater core)
  • See if small puffs of smoke come out of vents. (Faulty heater core.)
  • Feel the hose of the heater core. (If one is warm while the other is cold, there’s a faulty heater core.)

Can heater core cause leak?

A heating core can leak even in older vehicle models where the heater core is outside of the cabin. It can find it’s way into the cabin and into ventilation ducts which can cause problems down the line.

Can a heater core be flushed?

A heater core can be flushed from the vehicle’s firewall by loosening the clamps and disconnecting the heater hose. Essentially, somewhere along the process of the mamy steps of the flushing method, your system will then be filled with water 1-2 times to flush out the remaining coolant.

How much does it cost to flush a heater core?

A heater core flush service will cost around & $79-$89. Flushing the tubes of the heater core can allow for the coolant to flow more smoothly especially if the heater wasn’t working as well as it usually would.

What does it cost to replace a heater core?

A heater core will cost around $564-$927 for labor and parts. Since the location of the heater core is variable you can see costs being higher for labor. The part itself will actually cost around $80-$234.

Contact A Professional For Assistance With Your Heater Core

When you’re having trouble with the heating of your car be sure to get in touch with professional heater core services in Schaumburg. IL. A qualified mechanic will be able to run diagnostics to determine the best course of action that should be taken with your vehicle. Alternately, if you require services with heating for your home or business contact a professional HVAC company. Contact a heater core specialist today in order to ensure that proper measures and implementations are being met with your vehicle’s operations. Have the heating functions of your car in ready order so you won’t run into any surprises in the cold weather. 

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