Why You Need Your Fuel Filter

fuel filterIt may seem like your car has too many interconnected parts to keep track of all of them, but if you take them one by one you can create a working knowledge of your vehicle. This can prove useful in all kinds of ways. To start, we’ll go over one of the more basic, lesser known parts: the fuel filter.

Why do we need one?

In today’s high performance “tight-tolerance” engines, fuel filters have become a necessity. Your fuel can get contaminants in it in all kinds of ways: paints chips, dirt falling in, rust. If this doesn’t get removed before it goes to your engine, your fuel injector and fuel pump will get damaged. 

How does it work?

They simply use a filter paper (usually) to sift out the contaminants. Over time, they become clogged and need to get replaced.


Remember, don’t wait too long to have your fuel filter replaced. Here at Express Auto, we can perform that service, as well as many others. To find out more about them, please give us a call at (847) 895-9131.